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My Trunks

Project 2 Day 6 – Mission Accomplished!


OK, this trunk is finished! I have moved it into my office. I put my hanging files in there and it is now my new filing cabinet! And just as I thought, this trunk looks awesome! I love the cherry like finish, the black accents, and the hardware! And now the rearranging starts! LOL. The […] Read More

Vintage Steamer Trunk Number 10


Yes, you read that right: VINTAGE STEAMER TRUNK NUMBER 10!!!!! Quite a milestone. I must be officially a “trunkaholic”! Trunk addict, trunky, or maybe even trunk crazy? Well we all have to have our vices! And I have never sold a vintage steamer trunk. My in-laws have one and our son Andrew has one. Other […] Read More

The Filing Cabinet Trunk


I have had this Antique Trunk for quite some time. I wanted to put it in my office and since I never seem to have enough filing space in my desk, it made perfect sense to use this trunk as a filing cabinet! This trunk was in very bad shape when I got it. You […] Read More

My New Project Trunk


We went on vacation to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. We stayed right in Hershey. It was a great fall vacation. The weather was perfect. We usually try to hit a few antique stores while we are away. Pennsylvania is famous for antiques. And bargains are still there for those willing to look. And of course […] Read More

The Toy Box Trunk


One of my first trunks had a little mini disaster in the lid. There had been something glued inside that I just could not remove. I guess that I could have, but it was way too much trouble! So I just sat back and thought about options. I could have cut a thin piece of […] Read More

50th Anniversary Trunk


I have some of the best in-laws in the world. My mother-in-law has admired my trunks and said that it would be nice if I refinished one for her. Well I told her that I loved her dearly, but that was not going to happen as it took a long time to refinish a trunk! […] Read More