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Restoration Projects

Vintage Steamer Trunk Number 10


Yes, you read that right: VINTAGE STEAMER TRUNK NUMBER 10!!!!! Quite a milestone. I must be officially a “trunkaholic”! Trunk addict, trunky, or maybe even trunk crazy? Well we all have to have our vices! And I have never sold a vintage steamer trunk. My in-laws have one and our son Andrew has one. Other […] Read More

Another Antique Steamer Trunk Restored


Here is another antique steamer trunk restored and saved from the trash. I got this trunk from Delmarva Antiques right here in Laurel. Delmarva Antiques is now closed. A sad day for the antique community and especially the antique shoppers. I came to know Leeann and Russell Wells as hard workers and very friendly people. […] Read More

The Project Trunk


If you are just starting out at restoring antique trunks, I would not recommend that you get one like this! But for me I look at it as a huge challenge. I found this trunk at an antique shop that I frequent. It actually had a note on it warning not to touch, but ask […] Read More