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The Project Trunk

Day 9 – Mission Accomplished!


The trunk is finished! I attached the handles, attached the lid, removed and replaced the front wheels, and did some touchup work. I actually redid the whole inside, because I did not like the finish. And even though no one will probably see it, I just wanted to insure that it was smooth and free […] Read More

Day 8


I have put the satin finish polyurethane on. I actually put 2 coats on. In between coats I roughed it up with 220 sandpaper and cleaned the dust off really well. This next photo is from behind. You can see where I put a piece of wood over the hole from the new lock installation. […] Read More

Day 7


I have painted the black metal parts. I used a flat black paint, but when I go over it with varnish it will have a satin finish. I have decided to leave the slat clamps natural. They have a nice “vintage” look. They will look better when I put the final coat of varnish over […] Read More

Day 6


I have stained the trunk. I used a light oak stain. They always seem to darken it up quite a bit. I also came back after it was dry and hit a couple of places with a second coat to even the finish out. I remember this stain in the bottom. It is not quite […] Read More

Day 5


OK, I have sanded the trunk. It is looking good! I also tightened up a few nails and trimmed some sharp edges. The top is still not attached, I just sat it on top for the photos so we could see what it will look like. Now your finish will be a matter of preference. […] Read More

Day 4


I have cleaned the outside and removed all evidence of the leather covering. These trunks have different types of coverings. Some include canvas, leather, and metal. I am sure that you may have seen them all and maybe some that I have not mentioned. Again, the value of a trunk will be higher in the […] Read More

Day 3


I made a couple of small wood repairs before I stripped the inside. On the front right corner you can see where I added a piece of wood. There was a big piece broken off and even though it would not have been seen, I still felt that I should fix it. I also put […] Read More

Day 2


I have made the slat and put it into place. Again, it is not perfect, but it was free! I cut a piece of oak out on the bandsaw that was the same size as the original. I then made a sort of drill press with my dremel tool. I hooked that onto my table […] Read More

Day 1


OK, the trunk is glued together! I made sure that all of the metal edges were tucked in behind the slats before I glued. I also put new nails in the slats that were not attached just for extra strength. The trunk feels very sturdy now. I still have to replace the slat that was […] Read More

The Project Trunk


If you are just starting out at restoring antique trunks, I would not recommend that you get one like this! But for me I look at it as a huge challenge. I found this trunk at an antique shop that I frequent. It actually had a note on it warning not to touch, but ask […] Read More