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The Second Project

Project 2 Day 6 – Mission Accomplished!


OK, this trunk is finished! I have moved it into my office. I put my hanging files in there and it is now my new filing cabinet! And just as I thought, this trunk looks awesome! I love the cherry like finish, the black accents, and the hardware! And now the rearranging starts! LOL. The […] Read More

Project 2 Day 5


Today I attached the strap handles. You really should not use screws in these trunks if you want to try to keep them authentic. But I have done it in places where they can not be seen. I always worry about the straps not being able to hold the weight of the trunk, so I […] Read More

Project 2 Day 4


OK, I put a very heavy and carefully applied coat of polyurethane on the trunk. After 2 days of drying, I was shocked. It was very even and acceptable as a finish coat. This is a first for me! I really like the smoothness of these trunks after they have  been sanded, stained, and finished. […] Read More

Project 2, Day 3


OK, a lot of time has past. I really have a lot of hobbies! But I wouldn’t give up any of them! LOL After evaluation I decided that I definitely would have to paint the hardware. I would have preferred the “look” of the worn hardware, but there was way too much rust. So I […] Read More

Project 2, Day 2


OK, if you are wondering, yes 2 months have gone by! Seems like I got caught up in an early spring and have been doing a lot of yard work. But I am catching up. But then there is the spring vacation. Anyway I am making progress. If I didn’t have a house full of […] Read More

Project 2, Day 1


OK, again I will number the posts just to make it easy to follow along. Sometimes a post may be an hours worth of work, and others may be all day. In this first photo you can see that I have removed 2 slats from the bottom. The one towards the back of the trunk […] Read More

Vintage Steamer Trunk Number 10


Yes, you read that right: VINTAGE STEAMER TRUNK NUMBER 10!!!!! Quite a milestone. I must be officially a “trunkaholic”! Trunk addict, trunky, or maybe even trunk crazy? Well we all have to have our vices! And I have never sold a vintage steamer trunk. My in-laws have one and our son Andrew has one. Other […] Read More