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Disclosure Statement

The content of articles on this web site are never influenced by advertisers or an affiliate partnership.

This web site contains advertising and some contextual affiliate marketing links, meaning that I  may get commission on sales of those products or services written about.

This web site was not paid to do any reviews.

I do accept free copies of programs or ebooks for review. I sometimes pay out of pocket for products that are reviewed.

Even though compensation may be accepted, I would never promote a product that I sincerely did not like, or feel would benefit my readers.

Some ads shown are purely random, and selected by the source. (Such as Google or ClickBank). I have no control over the content that you see when clicking on one of those ads.

Obviously, I am writing to help you and for your enjoyment. My opinions are my opinions and should not be substituted for the advice of a professional. Only you can know what is good for you. You must be responsible for your own decisions.

If you have any questions on these policies, feel free to Contact me.

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