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50th Anniversary Trunk

I have some of the best in-laws in the world. My mother-in-law has admired my trunks and said that it would be nice if I refinished one for her. Well I told her that I loved her dearly, but that was not going to happen as it took a long time to refinish a trunk!

So when their 50th anniversary was approaching I knew what I was getting her for a gift. Not only a trunk, but a trunk with a lifetime of memories in the lid. I knew that this was to be the perfect gift.

So my wife started gathering old photos and I made a piece of cardboard that was to be glued to the inside of the trunk lid. She glued the photos on to the cardboard.

I went to Walmart and got a cheap poster frame and took the plastic cover from it for my project. I glued the cardboard to the inside of the lid, put the plastic cover over it and then nailed and glued strips of wood around the outside to insure that it stayed in place. I was very happy with the results.

So on the big day we had a party for them at my house and had the trunk on display in our pond room. I sat it on top of another trunk so that it would be closer to eye level. Everyone was impressed and I received a lot of compliments on the trunk. And my mother-in-law…..   She was thrilled!

Here are a couple of photos of the trunk. If you click on a photo you can enlarge them.

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