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Project 2 Day 5

Today I attached the strap handles. You really should not use screws in these trunks if you want to try to keep them authentic. But I have done it in places where they can not be seen.

I always worry about the straps not being able to hold the weight of the trunk, so I just don’t use them to pick the trunks up. But on this one I screwed the straps on. I used a long screw that went into the tray rack strip on the inside of the trunk. It will make that stronger, plus give me a handle that I can use! I also put a washer under the screw to insure that the screw will not be pulled through the hole of the strap.


I then put the caps on.


I love this idea!

Now I just have to touch up the nail heads on the strap caps, and touch up a couple of places that I messed up while installing the handles, and this trunk will be finished.

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