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The Toy Box Trunk

One of my first trunks had a little mini disaster in the lid. There had been something glued inside that I just could not remove. I guess that I could have, but it was way too much trouble!

So I just sat back and thought about options. I could have cut a thin piece of wood and covered it. Or I could have done the right thing and covered it with cloth or wall paper. But I had already planned for this trunk to be a toy box, and I knew that it had to be durable.

And then the light bulb came on! A collage! I love collages and this was a great place to put one. And I knew that if I covered it with plexiglass that it would be durable enough. So a collage trunk was born. This trunk is at our house and is used as a toy box. It will be passed on eventually to our daughter. This will be the ultimate hand me down trunk!

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